As one would expect, weddings at Claridges are always impeccable and the level of service and attention to detail unmatched. We have photographed quite a few weddings at Claridges now but it never fails to feel special. Even in these glamorous five-star surroundings, we try to remember our core values and produce flattering natural images of our wedding clients, their family and guests, which is what we do best.

We usually start work when the bride is getting ready in her room, and the natural light that floods in through the voile curtains, and clever placement of mirrors really lends itself to fresh, simple compositions, which in other hotels one has to work harder to get right.

Sometimes our clients have married overseas but choose to hold their wedding reception at Claridges, or on other occasions they have a civil service in one of the lovely reception rooms, or we may even go to one of the central London churches for the wedding ceremony.

The in-house florist McQueens decorates the reception rooms at Claridges with high quality fresh flowers and creates the bouquet for the bride and her bridesmaids. The fresh flowers and foliage are always of an exquisite quality and the floral colour palette is  soft and feminine to flatter the wedding party.

It is this simple understated beauty we try and capture in our photographs together with the elegance and sophistication of a quintessential London wedding.

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