Our aim is to produce outstandingly beautiful images of your wedding. We work hard to deliver exceptional photographs that appear effortless. We specialise in creating classic photographs, and we simply focus on recording the genuine love, atmosphere and emotion of your day with authenticity. Our style could be described as understated elegance with a dash of the wild.

We believe that quality lies in simplicity. We use natural light and long telephoto lenses to produce flattering images in an unobtrusive way. We won’t drag you away from your guests for hours, or dictate the order of events. We simply follow you as your wedding day unfolds.

Our typical clients are professional couples who work in London and marry in town, or near home in the country.  Our couples have a creative eye, and know good photography and design. We hope our images speak for themselves.

Take a look at both our London wedding photography and our Country wedding photography to see what we do well and how we do it…and please do contact us regarding your wedding photography.

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